Our classes are held in a warm, comfortable and yet professional studio setting. While optional, one of the parents or family member is always welcomed to sit-in during their student’s lessons. We find that for some students, having their loved ones sitting in the same room during lessons can provide some positive effects to their learning. In addition to that, they can see for themselves and have a better understanding on what the students are learning and if their progress is reasonable. Sometimes, having that extra bit of knowledge might help them assist their child/student in their daily routine practices at home.

Our violin lessons are mostly conducted on a one-on-one basis, as the instructor could focus all his/her attention on their one student during their allotted time. Only under special arrangements would there be more than one student being taught by a single teacher at any given time, such as special chamber sessions or performance coaching. Classes for each individual student are usually held on a weekly basis, with the exception of special coaching sessions pertaining to examinations and competitions only.

Our classes are taught using an open methodology; we cater our teaching style to the needs of each and every student individually, utilizing the best components of the most popular methods and materials available (Auer, Suzuki, Rolland, Sevcik, Kayser, Flesch, Galamian, Kreutzer, Schradieck, Herfurth, Kodaly, Hrimaly, etc.). As each student is slightly different than others, we may also apply motion techniques such as the Alexander Technique in combination with equipment choices (style of chinrest, shoulder rest, bow material, etc.) to help students with pain/injury mitigation.

We belief that an all-rounded approach in violin study is essential to the success of each student and we are committed to be a positive part in their pursuit of musical perfection in the art of violin playing.

Our instructor

Simon Lau     Violin Instructor

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Simon first discovered the joy of playing the violin at the age of 9. Under the tutelage of maestro Thomas Wang, Simon was considered a late starter by many, but quickly mastered the necessary skills and became one of the youngest members of the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra at the time. He subsequently became Concertmaster for the same orchestra and other ones as well. At the age of 16, Simon was one of the founding members of the award-winning strings chamber group “Bachanini”. At the time, Bachanini was one of a handful of youth chamber groups that had successfully performed without any conductor.

After arriving in Canada, he had studied under many master violinists, including the late professor Eugene Kash of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Besides currently board registered at Royal Conservatory of Music, and ABRSM, Simon has been a member of several music organizations in Canada, including the York Symphony Orchestra. Simon currently performs as the Concertmaster of the OCMS Symphony Orchestra, and also holds the position of Vice-President of the Ontario Cross-Cultural Music Society (OCMS) – a registered charitable organization in Canada. He is also one of the founding members of the Paskke String Quartet, which performs regularly scheduled concert seasons in the GTA area.

With regards to educating the next generations of violinists, besides teaching at Artisan Violin studio, Simon currently provides violin lessons through other private music schools/institutions such as Music Education Canada (Adminstrator, Violin Instructor) and Pro-Music Conservatory of Music (Markham, Richmond Hill).